Our Puppy Policies

Our Policies – the Fun Stuff.  


During Covid-19, please make your puppy’s medical appointments well in advance.  VETS have limited staff, limited hours and new policies that increases wait times for appointments.  When visiting us here, please ensure you have your face masks and observe social distancing.  We also ask that only the minimum number of visitors join you on your visit.

Puppy Adoptions:

All our puppies have routine dewormings and vaccinations.  Each puppy will be up-to-date on necessary vaccines.  Each WCAE puppy is microchipped.  Further, each WCAE puppy receives a thorough health check by a licensed veterinarian .  Each puppy is groomed and frequently brushed including frequent nail trims starting at 3 weeks of age.  Each puppy is hand socialized by us and we even brush each puppy’s teeth at 7 weeks.  Yes, you receive their toothbrush to continue their good dental hygiene.

Adoption Day:  

The puppy adoption package and folder includes:  Vaccine and deworming records, detailed Wellness vet check exam record,  Microchip documentation, Blue Buffalo puppy transition kibble food and one can of Blue Buffalo puppy food to ease transition for any diet changes and helpful puppy information for the new pet parent, a puppy blanket and your puppy’s toothbrush.

On adoption day, we advise you to take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours.  Further, we vehemently advise to you that your puppy be quarantined fully until 16 weeks and has received all vaccines.  We are not responsible for your puppy contracting a contagious disease.  We recommend you never cut your puppy’s fur.  We recommend, for most, crate training or den training at night for your puppy.

Waitlist Puppy Adoption:

To be placed on our waitlist, simply email us.  To secure a puppy from a particular litter, we recommend contacting us to place a priority waitlist deposit.    When the litter has arrived, you will be notified via email. 

Puppy Adoption Deposit:

Once the puppies have been born, you may secure your puppy by finalizing the non-refundable $600 puppy adoption deposit.  The deposit is deducted from the final puppy adoption fee. 

Periodically, there may be unforeseen circumstances that occur that prevents WCAE from delivering your puppy for any reason.  Rest assured that WCAE will make any reasonable attempt to ensure satisfaction. 

If you are interested in breeding rights, this needs to be disclosed before a deposit has been made.  The welfare of the puppies and dogs come first with us at West Coast American Eskimos.

AKC Puppies are adopted with limited AKC registration and/or UKC puppy adoptions may receive their registration after the puppy has been fixed.  This is usually about year one.  

*Some breeders put profit over the welfare of the dogs.  These breeders are sometimes referred to as backyard breeders or puppy mills.  They often house their dogs and pups in kennels, cages and/or crates.  These confined conditions can be filthy and unhealthy.  These conditions deprive the dogs the joy of being part of the family.

Our Mission Statement:  We strive to be a responsible, conscientious and ethical breeder.  We strive to make the adoption process wonderfully joyous!  Your joy is our joy, too.