About Us

Welcome to American Eskimos – the home of some very fluffy and very spoiled Eskimo puppies! We specialize exclusively in providing exceptionally cute, lovable, very adorable, very precious, and very healthy eskie puppies.

Our Eskimo puppies are all AKC or UKC registered with a certified pedigree. Each snuggly puppy that leaves our home is always dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and receives a thorough wellness-exam by a VET. We do frequent puppy nail trims beginning at about three or four weeks of age. We do first teeth brushing at seven weeks. We do frequent brushing and fluffing of each darling bundle of joy. We hand-socialize each precious puppy to ensure the transition for them, and it is easy. Our pups generally travel very well and sleep through the first night which makes it wonderful for them and you!

Our puppies go only to the most loving homes where they will continue to be forever spoiled. Please be patient as we thoughtfully screen each applicant.

Our Mission Statement:

Each puppy enters a loving home where he/she will be included in the family where they will thrive.  Each fluffy puppy requires proper nutrition, clean water daily, exercise, lots of love, smooches and cuddles, routine medical care, and ample grooming…just like us.