American Eskimo Puppies For Sale

We are a fun loving family with a passion for life. We have been involved in dog sports all our lives and have been raising exotic animals since 2003. We especially love our dogs and enjoy life with them. We enjoy many dog related activities including conformation, rally, obedience, trick training, water rescue, barn hunt events, service work, scent work, tracking, draft work, agility, hiking, therapy work, adventures, snuggling and just hanging out with our dogs! We believe that every pup should be socialized early and given early training to grow into the best possible companion wether for work or play!

We have wonderful foundation dogs that produce very healthy, beautiful, social, long lived puppies. While we only produce a litter or two each year, we produce quality that we are VERY proud of. We strive to give you a phenomenal pup that will be a fantastic best friend for a very long time. We stand behind every animal we produce and guarantee that you will be thrilled with your pick from our litters.

About American Eskimo

American Eskimos are a wonderful breed of dogs. They are one of the most beautiful species of dogs. They have a thick double coat, erect ears, striking black points, and they have a beautiful tail that curls up over their back with a thick plume of hairs. Eskies are very hardy dogs that rarely get sick or have health issues. They are very intelligent and easily trained. They love to please their owners. They are very loyal to their family. Eskies are initially wary of strangers and excellent guardians of the home and family. They are very clean dogs. Their coats are very slick, and dirt naturally falls off the hairs when they dry. Therefore they don’t need frequent bathing. Brushing once a week is sufficient. Eskies don’t get the doggy smell that some breeds get.

We offer beautiful AKC or UKC Registered Toy, Mini, and Standard American Eskimo puppies throughout the year.

During the Baby days, we provide Grain-Free nourishment, enrichment, and love for the Eskies. They spend time bonding with our children and their parents until they are picked up by their forever families.

American Eskimo Puppies for sale

We have large pens for the dogs to run and play in. Some of the play areas range from 1 to 2 acres. We have all of our dogs checked for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). This is a genetic eye disease that can lead to blindness at an early age. It is prevalent in Eskies. It is a genetic problem. If you purchase a puppy from us, the puppy will not be affected with PRA, because we screen all of our dogs before we breed them. All of our puppies come with a guarantee until the puppy is 1 year old for genetic problems affecting the puppies. If there is a problem, we will replace the puppy with one of equal value. We breed to promote healthy, intelligent dogs with show quality conformation.

About Us

If you’re looking for American Eskimo Puppies for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Bulach Kennels is the place to find the perfect gift for your loved ones and we are committed to helping you find your new American Eskimo Puppy! At Bulach Kennels we will give you the attention and personal service you will come to expect and enjoy.

We offer the best puppies for sale in Miami, from the best breeders.

With the purchase of your puppy:
· 14 days of warranty
· 1 year of congenital warranty
· Health Certificate
· Deworming
· Shots- to date
· 1st Vet Visit
· Registration Papers

American Eskimo Puppies

With a constantly rotating selection of puppies, there will always be one right for you.

We work with professional breeders to bring our clients only the healthiest puppies.

All of our puppies are microchipped for their safety. Activation is your only job.


We work hard and ask the right questions to ensure that you find the right pet for your family.